Aquaponic empowers you to grow food Naturally and Organically. India Aquaponics is in technical collaboration with Sahib Aquaponics with a purpose to indigenize the systems according to Indian conditions and requirements.

Rooftop Systems 48 Sqft -100 Sqft Size: Send us the following information and get your system designed by our experts at only @ INR 65/ Sqft*.

  • Site dimensions where you want to set-up the Aquaponics System/s
  • Images of the site (morning and evening)
  • What you want to grow
  • Level of knowledge in Aquaponics

* System design charges only with complete list of equipment and layout.

Please note these systems are not designed for commercial purpose but will give you a good foundation for the commercial system ROI Analysis. The produce can be given as sample for client validation before venturing into Commercial Project.

The big question that always been asked and will be asked is “Return on Investment”??

Aquaponics/Hydroponics are capital intensive farming techniques but have better production rates per square feet as compared to conventional farming thus improving your cost bottom-line. Also Aquaponically grown food is “Organic by Nature” so you have better chance to sell your produce at premium price.

Return on Investment depends upon growing area, crop selection, market requirements and many other factors. Therefore, before you plan to venture into “Commercial Aquaponics” we would like you to share your vision and our experts will guide you from very first step.

For commercial design or project consultancy, please contact or