Ammonia to Nitrates – Nitrogen the key Nutrient

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Nitrogen is essential for plant growth. Plant take us Nitrogen in the Ammonia (NH4) and Nitrate (N03) ion forms. The fish excrete ammonia (breathe out or fish poop) which is harmful for them even in small quantities. This ammonia serves as the basis to start the ” NITROGEN CYCLE ” – Conversion of Ammonia into Nitrates.

Lack of nitrogen and chlorophyll means that plants cannot utilize sunlight as an energy source to carry on essential functions such as nutrient uptake. Research has proven foliar or leaf applications of nitrogen are one form of application that can supplement a plants nitrogen requirement during the growing cycle. Nitrogen is essential because

• Necessary for chlorophyll synthesis and as a part of the chlorophyll molecule is involved in photosynthesis.

• Nitrogen is also a component of amino acids.

• Nitrogen is needed for growth of plants.


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